DIY with Jenni

What is DIY with Jenni?  Well, I LOVE DIY, I'm guessing you already knew that considering I DIY with you twice a week at my shop.  But DIY with Jenni is a little different in that I'm always coming up with ways to simplify my life whether it be at the shop or at home.  These projects are necessarily something you want to do but perhaps it might excite you to do something like these in your home.  Either way you can follow along to my other adventures and if you ever need any help just give me a call or a text!

I'm currently in the process of deep cleaning my house before Fall actually gets here as the last few years I feel like it has skipped us.  Of which then nothing gets done, which infuriates me.  My son Noah is 6.  He LOVES legos, though what child that age doesn't?  I personally do not appreciate stepping on them in the middle of the night because he forgot to pick them up.  So this evening I brought in my 4 foot life time table and set that up in his room.  Though his bin sits a little high, so a DIY project for me to work on at the shop (as that's where my tools are) will be a wood caddy that fits under the table at the current height that will just fit the big lego bin in it, I may or not put wheels on it.  He has hardwood floors so even just a piece of felt on the bottom would work.  I also plan on having shelves below it for perhaps finished projects as I'm not to sure about your child but mine would rather they be completed projects FOREVER...

Next project...Bathroom Sink Caddy/Shelf.  I do not have a medicine cabinet in my  bathroom behind the mirror.  I'd really rather not have the children sifting through whatever they want that's in the linen closet.  However, I'd really love for them to get the tooth brushes and toothpaste by themselves.  So that's another DIY project to complete at the shop.  I will share before and after pictures of these creations.

Three years ago this coming October I lost my father to advanced stage 4 colon cancer.  We found out a month before he died he had this.  I am an only child and upon his passing I had to empty his house.  My husband and I decided to keep his bedroom set as it is Ethan Allen, solid wood and we'd never get what it was worth if we sold it...but the complete set does not fit in our bedroom...  I would love to be able to enjoy my sleeping space and not just for sleeping.  I LOVE reading but when I have time it's best I do it near my bed as I will read till my eye lids are super heavy and sleeping in the recliner in the living room...not so much.  So my plan, once I clean my former sewing room in the basement, is to move dad's entire bedroom set to the basement bedroom.  Which will still get slept in often as my husband works shift work.  Days and Midnights he's downstairs.  However, this has me thinking...oooh, I can design my own bed! This is not new to me.  I built my 4 year old daughter, Emma a horizontal murphy bed for her small bedroom of my own design earlier this year.


I am thinking a bed with storage and perhaps with out the boxspring.  Not sure if I want the entire mattress platform to raise up for storage or if I want rows of cubbies under the bed for clothing storage.  The less furniture the better in my opinion.  Though I do want room for a chair, ottoman and my blue bookcase with my collection of Grace Livingston Hill novels mostly 1st and 2nd editions.  I love the old hard covers with that old smell.  So a bed is also on my DIY list... though I will need to do this at home so my chop saw will just make a trip home.

In our basement- also still a little cluttered from emptying my late father's house, I want to create a wood counter so to speak over the dryer that extends over the laundry sink but on hinges so I can fold it back when I need to use the sink.  But the table will fold back over the sink so when the clothing comes out of the dryer I can fold down there vs in my room where my dresser then collects with LOST SOCKS...  My 93-year-old grandfather has the right idea I think I'm going to start implementing... he safety pins them together when he takes them off so they stay together in the wash and the dryer and then he clips the safety pin to his clothing...  I'd have to find a home for these as I don't think I want my children wearing safety pins to school.

Well, those are the DIY's I have planned.  I'm sure more will come.  My current list on the calendar in my dining room is DIY toilet cleaner.  We're out.  It needs to be cleaned, I'm thinking something to do with baking soda.  I'll let you know if it pans out.