Fall Diy Checklist...Bed- Check

So last week was CrAzY for me. With gearing up for Bridge Daze which was yesterday and my husband’s birthday which was Friday and my crazy idea that we should move my dad’s bedroom set to the basement and organize so much just for that to happen it was NUTS. So my boxspring and mattress had been just on the floor until this afternoon!

We have a router…I have no idea how to use it. I attempted it once to make my daughter a super cute kitchenette and for that purpose it worked, but I’m no professional. Eric…my husband way too busy. So once I got my 3/4” plywood cut to the right sizes, I asked my parent’s neighbor if he could PLEASE router the boards for me. I drew him a map. Today he had them ready and so I could then build my bed!

We have a full size bed. So I bought 2- 4x8 sheets of 3/4” plywood from Menards…that was a trip in and of itself. I don’t own a truck, so I had to ask my step-dad nicely if I could please borrow him and the truck as I can manage quite a bit of lumber by myself, but not full sheets of plywood. He agreed. Then since we ended up hauling them back to their house we (my parents and I) cut the boards at their house (then they fit in my van.) I brought these boards to the neighbor. I cut the plywood down to 75” (length of the bed.) And then in half.


So when I got home today from picking up my routered boards I brought up some linen fabric I got at an auction. Why? Because I have a hardwood floor I’d prefer not to scratch. I left it doubled up just as I unrolled it from the bolt and then cut enough to fit under each of 2 router boards. The areas of the boards that were routered will hold dividers for storage but also for strength. So here are the boards laying on top of the linen.


Next, I had boughten 2 1x16x8 sheets of glued boards. These would become the platforms head and foot boards, but I had to cut down to 53” the width of my mattress. I glued these down, as well as screwed and added corner braces.


Next, I had boughten a couple of 1x12x8’s that I marked and cut to 17” and then put down a bead of glue within the routed areas and slid my 12x17” pieces in and they fit like a glove. After I placed the dividers in, I grabbed another routed board and fit the top on just like the bottom. At which point I then screwed screws from the top into the divider boards.


Once one side was done, I grabbed a 1/2” thick board that I cut to fit inside as a back to the storage area. This helped with stability as well as keeping both sides of the cubbies organized.


Then I just repeated what I did on the other side. And forgo the box spring, I put my mattress on and made my bed. I will be adding a curtain to hide the boxes that will essentially double as a bed skirt. All in all once my sheets of plywood were cut from another day this only took me about an hour to assemble and cut a few more things. I am however very happy with it. Now, onto the next project. Which at the moment is just re-painting a book shelf with the Junk Monkey Milk Paint we sell at the store, but tomorrow I just might start on the Laundry Table over the dryer and sink!

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