Are you interested in selling your art/craft with Smith's Infusion?

Here at Smith’s Infusion we put the artist/crafter first.  We are here to make you sure you have an amazing experience that helps to grow your creative business.  If you’ve never sold before, but you are interested, Jenni can help get you started in her 4-week Creative Business Launch.  This covers everything you need in order to sell anywhere including with Smith’s Infusion.  Why not be set up for success!

If you already have your business name, tax id number, branding/packaging, pricing figured out then Smith’s Infusion’s pop-ups are a great way to test the market!  See what sells and what doesn’t.  Every market is slightly different just as it is also about location, location, location!  Selling in a handcrafted market will definitely bring you more for your item then a flea market!

If you have a business name and a tax id number but you just use hang tags that’s ok… but, how are your customers going to find you, when they are looking for more?  Jenni also offers a 4-week creative business intensive for those of you who have the bare basics but need a little extra guidance and assistance on branding/logo/packaging and help with selling online as well as bigger artisan events what’s needed/not needed, etc.

Smith’s Infusion also wholesales artisan goods to gift/specialty shops.  There is an application process if you are interested as we don’t represent everyone.  There is a criteria you have to meet first before we would consider representing you.

If you are interested in Selling at our Pop-Ups Fill out this form!

Jenni will be in touch as soon as she receives your inquiry.  Please also email pictures of your items to

Smith’s Infusion does not represent artists with duplicate items.  Meaning, if we already have an artist who paints/makes signs, you can get on a waiting list in the event that artisan no longer wants to sell with us or if we have the ability of an opening for a pop-up due to our normal sign artist having a different opportunity.

We may also have other opportunities for you.  So, fill out the form!